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Strong for Performance

Strong for Performance

What I Bring
to the Table


Dr. Tom

Strong for Performance brings my proven Focus-Action-Reflection-
coaching method on-line and provides the process, structure and resources for developing Personal Strengths and People Skills in an amazingly affordable way. You can:

  • Use Strong for Performance as a stand-alone, “turn-key” employee development program

  • Combine your own resources with Strong for Performance to create a version customized to your specific organizational training and coaching initiatives.

However you use Strong for Performance, you can be confident that your employees will achieve beyond what they have ever previously achieved.

What are some of the skills Strong for Performance
helps develop and how will the program impact
your leaders and employees?

As they master Personal Strengths they will...

Personal Strengths
  • Give customers memorable experiences that make them feel valued and make your organization stand out from the competition (Creativity, Excellence)

  • Take calculated risks and bold action (Courage, Initiative)

  • Follow up and persist, even in the face of rejection (Commitment, Perseverance)

  • Stay calm in stressful situations (Composure)

  • Make decisions that are good for your organization (Decisiveness, Rationality, Intuition)

  • And much, much more!

As they master People Skills they will...

  • Build strong relationships with individuals inside and outside their team (Encouraging, Giving Positive Feedback)

  • Make internal and external customers feel valued and important (Listening, Dialogue)

  • Respond well to feedback and suggestions (Receiving Feedback, Resolving Conflict)

  • And much, much more!

People Skills

How much time will it take?

Strong for Performance  

Once they know their focus, employees just need to spend about 10 minutes each day, looking for helpful tips, insights and ideas that they can apply. The real magic happens when they interact with their co-workers!

Employees can make getting a daily dose of Strong for Performance a habit by using it at the same time each day, such as with their morning cup of coffee.

What employees get with their one-year subscription to Strong for Performance

Virtual coaching 24/7 with…

The Focus-Action-Reflection process for developing new habits

Two dozen people skills videos with exercises and resources

7 types of multi-media exercises for 40 personal strength areas

A virtual personal trainer that guides them to take action and learn from their experiences

A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises


Power tools…

Their own private Coaching Network of individuals they choose

A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises

Ability to ask for feedback, suggestions and advice from people who care about their success

Strong for Business

“The content in Strong for Performance burrows deep into all of the personal and behavioral areas where I needed help and so much more. I've watched and re-watched the videos, taken the self-assessments, posted the inspirational quotes up in my office, and engaged my own personal network of colleagues in my goals. And all of this in my timeframe...when I most needed it. In one case, I used the tools in the Constructive Feedback section to address a frustrating issue with a colleague and resolved the problem immediately. I would recommend Strong for Performance to anyone who has to lead, inspire, influence or even simply interact with other people!”

Julie Walker
San Diego, CA
Staci Hunyadi

Strong for Performance really helps you to grow, expand and stay focused on your goals. I love the Strong for Performance system and think it is wonderful for people who want the extra push to improve their performance. It helps get your mind working and stimulated to consider options you might not think about. I especially liked that it helped me identify what I’m doing well and what I need to work on.”

Stacy Hunjadi

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