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Strong for Performance

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Dr. Tom

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Dr. Tom Olson

My coaching philosophy and approach to professional and personal development are based on the following assumptions:

    • Professional and personal leadership occurs where the heart and head — feeling and thought — meet.

    • The ways in which you act — not just what you do, but how you do it — is a fundamental key to professional and personal effectiveness.

    • You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit (conversely, ineffectiveness, therefore, is not an act but a habit — or a series of habits).

    • In the end you write your own scripts — you are in control of, and responsible for, your successes or failures.

    My coaching initiatives have one simple, overarching goal: to help people achieve beyond what they have ever previously achieved. More about Dr. Tom...

    About T.L. Olson and Associates

    We work with organizations that are looking to improve individual and/or team effectiveness, change management, leadership development or the ability to measure employee engagement or customer satisfaction. We develop and deliver customized solutions that deal with our clients’ most critical issues and meet their most pressing needs.

    Our client focused employee engagement surveys, 360º assessments; executive and management coaching; and employee training services deliver real solutions that address the real issues of organizations we work with. We work with companies large and small in all sectors of the economy; O&G, financial, service, retail, manufacturing and government. We work in Canada, the US and across the world. 

    We have no corporate layers, just 30+ years of experience focused on satisfying client needs. We believe that less overhead and administration leads to greater responsiveness and more action at a better price. Our goal is professional service delivery that solves client problems, meets their budgets, quality expectations and timelines — results that they expect and deserve. More about T.L.Olson and Associates...








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